Curriculum for Wales – A thorough exploration of CfW

Curriculum for Wales is the biggest change we have seen in education in Wales since 1988. Is your school ready to take on this exciting challenge?
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  • Course Providers: Glenda Dudley , Wendy Thomas
  • Course Dates: Please contact us for dates.
  • Course Time: 9:30am - 15:30pm
  • Duration: 1 day
  • Location: School Based

Curriculum for Wales 2022 – A thorough exploration of CfW

1 day course – (Follow on course ‘Freedom to Design and Deliver your Dream Curriculum’ can be added as a second day.)

Curriculum for Wales, is the biggest change we have seen in education in Wales since 1988.  Is your school ready to take on this exciting challenge?

We are pleased to offer this one-day training course to support schools in understanding the new curriculum framework; Curriculum for Wales.

It will empower both school leaders and teachers in planning a whole school approach for the changes that Curriculum for Wales brings by providing them with a depth of understanding with regards to pedagogy. Practical support for colleagues is a pivotal part of the day, ensuring a clear way forward for the preparations they can begin to make now.

Course participants will:

  • Closely examine the component parts of the new curriculum; the Four Purposes, the Areas of Learning and Experience, What Matters, Progression Steps and how they complement each other.
  • Explore the pedagogy required to prepare for and implement the new curriculum and compare this to current practice.
  • Focus on how to take the pedagogy of the Foundation Phase into Key Stage 2, and begin to use new terminology for the phases; PS1, PS2, and PS3.
  • Understand the synergy between responsive planning and the shift towards formative assessment as the driver (life without outcomes and levels).
  • Consider how the pieces of the puzzle come together to ensure that 21st century pedagogy flourishes and identify next steps in the school’s preparation.

Target Audience: Primary Teachers and School Leaders

Course providers
Glenda Dudley
Glenda Dudley has worked in education for more than twenty years, both in the UK and in international contexts in Europe and the Middle East. During her career, Glenda has held posts as a teacher, a Headteacher and was the inaugural Head of Centre of Wales’ largest children’s centre; the Ely and Caerau Children’s Centre.
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Wendy Thomas
Wendy has extensive experience as a teacher, school leader, advisor and inspector. She has worked both in the UK and overseas and prides herself on offering workable, practical solutions to schools facing challenges.
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