The Learning Partnership was founded by Wendy Thomas and Glenda Dudley in 2007.  During this time our offer to schools, in the UK and abroad, has evolved to meet the needs of a dynamic and changing educational landscape.

While our offer has evolved, our values have remained steadfast. We pride ourselves on a core set of values that ensures the integrity of our service and our commitment to you. We provide the external, independent viewpoint that is essential for reflective, innovative practice while at the same time, we respect your unique context, challenges and circumstances.

We aim to be the best that we can be and to support others in reaching their goals.

Our Offer

Our innovative offer includes a range of supported services that are tailored to your needs and to your budget.  Our partnership with you acts as a catalyst for positive, planned change and improved outcomes for children.

For all of us at The Learning Partnership it will never be a one-size-fits all! The areas below provide a taster of the different ways in which we work to support professionals working in schools and settings.

Our Offer