We at The Learning Partnership, value everything that you are doing to keep children safe and in providing opportunities for learning to continue at a distance. We do, however, recognise that using digital classrooms to provide meaningful experiences for the youngest children can be more challenging.

We have therefore decided to produce a bank of ideas showing parents how to utilise children’s play as a vehicle for learning. Avoiding the ‘dreaded worksheets’ will also help to save the planet! We will release these periodically using social media.

Enjoy the first one ‘Mud Play’ and please feel free to share it far and wide with teachers and parents.

Here is the next bank of ideas ‘On the Stage’. We know that young children love to ‘perform’ so lets get them singing, dancing, acting, reciting, telling jokes etc.

Third one in the series ‘Into Nature’

Fourth one in the series ‘Into Art and Craft’

Fifth one in the series ‘Into Maths’

Sixth one in the series ‘Into Water’

Stay safe everyone!

The Learning Partnership Team

Mud Play PDF

On the Stage PDF

Into Nature PDF

Into Art and Craft PDF

Into Maths PDF

Into Water PDF

Ongoing Support for Schools During the Coronavirus Closures.

Although we are currently unable to visit schools, we have responded to requests for online professional learning opportunities that can be accessed in the coming weeks/months. Please see if we can help at ‘Ongoing Support for Schools’