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Ban Har returns for a 10th year with a two-day workshop-style conference focusing on Singapore's problem solving approach to mathematical instruction, reflecting pedagogy of CfW
  • Booking Code: BH24M
  • Course Providers: Professor Yeap Ban Har
  • Course Dates: 22 / 05 / 2024, 23 / 05 / 2024
  • Course Time: 9:30am - 3:30pm
  • Duration: 2 Days
  • Location: Towers Hotel, Jersey Marine, Swansea SA10 6JL

Welsh Government’s mission of Curriculum for Wales is to achieve high aspirations for all. Released in Nov 23 by an Estyn Sector Readiness Summary Report, there is a fragility around Mathematics and Numeracy progress. Mathematics and Numeracy need a shift change in mindset, approach and pedagogy to reflect the values and purpose of CfW.

Outlined in the Plan:

• Schools and settings to understand the purpose of learning mathematics

• Design opportunities for learners to experience authentic and purposeful mathematics learning contexts

• Application of mathematics and numeracy in real-life situations as part of their learning

• The development of mathematics and numeracy skills for practitioners

• Developing positive approaches to mathematics and numeracy

• Develop positive mindsets messaging the importance of the application of mathematics and numeracy skills for everyday life

Ban Har returns for a 10th year with a two-day workshop-style conference focusing on Singapore’s problem solving approach to mathematical instruction, which reflects the pedagogy of Curriculum for Wales.

Through a series of interactive tasks, learn about Singapore’s evidenced based, highly effective and league topping approach to teaching maths.

Through exposition, Professor Yeap Ban Har brings mathematical theories to life and bridges thinking between the concrete, the pictorial and the abstract concepts of mathematics – Bruner’s Concrete – Pictorial – Abstract (CPA) approach.

Develop mathematical behaviours and thinking in your pupils by using the CPA approach, and applying them to authentic learning contexts that engage and enhance the pupils understanding of Maths in real life learning experiences.

Whether this is your first experience of this approach or whether you have been using this approach for a while, this course will support your next steps as a practitioner. During the course, examples will be shared of how differentiation applies to the Singapore Maths approach.

Participants: All Practitioners, Curriculum Coordinators, Senior Leaders

Dates: Wednesday 22nd and Thursday 23rd May 2024 (2 day workshop). The same delegate must attend both days.

Venue: Towers Hotel, Jersey Marine, Swansea, SA10 6JL

Cost: £395+VAT

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Professor Yeap Ban Har
Ban Har is the Director of Curriculum and Teacher Development at Pathlight School - grades 1-10 school in Singapore - and holds a similar position at Anglo Singapore International School in Thailand, a three-campus K-12 school. He was a professor of mathematics of education at National Institute of Singapore for a decade until 2010. He has done professional development for mathematics teachers in more than 40 countries and is the author of think! Mathematics, among several textbook series
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