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Professor Yeap Ban Har

Ban Har is the Director of Curriculum and Teacher Development at Pathlight School - grades 1-10 school in Singapore - and holds a similar position at Anglo Singapore International School in Thailand, a three-campus K-12 school. He was a professor of mathematics of education at National Institute of Singapore for a decade until 2010. He has done professional development for mathematics teachers in more than 40 countries and is the author of think! Mathematics, among several textbook series

World renowned, Professor Yeap Ban Har’s work in classrooms is evidence-based, practical and, quite simply, inspirational. Using Bar Modelling and other visual representations of problems, Ban Har bridges the thinking between the concrete, the pictorial and the abstract concepts of mathematics. Prof. Yeap, in his usual relaxed and entertaining style, will model high quality teaching, and connect instructional practice to solid educational research. His approach exemplies and crystallises Donaldson’s Pedagogical Principles through the lens of mathematics. Not only does he do all of this in a way that empowers teachers to deepen their understanding of mathematical pedagogy, but also to apply what they have learned immediately.