As pedagogy in the UK is shifting towards rich learning in authentic contexts, we at the Learning Partnership have made the Building Blocks portal available to all schools as part of a 30 day free trial.

The Building Blocks free trial will allow schools to:

  • Design and plan a bespoke School Curriculum that reflects your own context whilst providing the reassurance that the expectations within National Frameworks are being met.
  • Plan meaningful learning experiences that reflect the pedagogy in your school or setting.
  • See how all the components of planning, monitoring, formative assessment, pupil progress and reporting to parents are all intrinsically linked and available on one platform.
  • Have access to over 300 pre-written authentic contexts for learning.  Adapt these and the associated resources to your current inquiry and the interests of the children.


Following Welsh Government’s release of ‘Guidance of Learning in Schools and Settings from the Autumn Term’ (13th July 2020), the principles supported in this document on what learning should like for pupils follows exactly the same principles behind Building Blocks – Focus on Health and Wellbeing – Relationships – Environment – Rich Authentic Learning in Context – Broad and Balanced Learning – Use of indoor and outdoor environments – Application of Skills in Meaningful Contexts – A Focus on the ‘How’ and ‘Why’ of Teaching – Assessment Focusing on Progression of Learning. Schools can then:

  • Design and plan your school level curriculum using Curriculum for Wales 2022.
  • Plan meaningful learning experiences that reflect the Four Purposes, the Areas of Learning and Experience, Integral Skills, Cross Curricular Responsibilities as well as Assessment for Learning and Conceptual Development.


  • Design and plan your school level curriculum using the National Curriculum for England
  • Plan meaningful learning experiences that demonstrate your approach to the process of ‘Intent, Implementation and Impact’

For more information on how to set up your 30 day free trial please contact us at